Wood floor repairs and restoration

Repairs to all wood floors including solid, engineered and floating wood floors on Vancouver Island, BC.

What We Do

Board replacement

Broken, damaged and missing floorboards repaired.


Removal of old coatings, floor sanding and polishing.


Cleaning, maintaining and refinishing all wood floors within commercial properties and residential homes.

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Wood floor repairs

All aspects of wood flooring including repairs, restoration, floor sanding and polishing, installation and maintenance. Free inspections and solutions to all wood flooring applications such as solid wood floors and floating floors.

The Problem?

If your wood floor has cupped or crowned this suggests there is an issue with the subfloor or installation. So what can be done? We use a process of diagnosis to find the source of the problem and then discuss the steps needed to resolve it. Within this process, moisture meters and humidity monitors are used to record information and establish inconsistencies. Even If we don’t find any, we move onto another possible cause. Eventually, sooner rather than later, we know what caused the issue.

We become so familiar with your floors that we are able to recommend a solution. This understanding is critical to resolving the issues with your floors. A detailed solution can be offered after the inspection has been completed.

Common wood floor problems?

  • Broken floorboards
  • Dents and scratches
  • Flooding
  • Floorboard replacement
  • Carpet removal and disposal.
Removal of interior walls will require repairs to the wood floor prior to resurfacing.

The solution?

If your hardwood floors have been installed correctly they will last for many years. The only repairs needed to a professionally installed wood floor should be the result of accidental damage or excessive wear. Floor sanding and polishing can restore the finish, more severe damage such as flooding could required board replacement or a complete tear out. The wood floor repair and restoration process can vary depending on the problem. All wood floor repairs in Nanaimo and the surrounding areas of Vancouver Island must be carried out by an experienced wood floor contractor. Owner Matt has been repairing wood floors for 2 decades and is one of the most experienced hardwood flooring contractors on Vancouver Island. Please call us to discuss wood floor repairs and restoration.

How to repair a wood floor?

Wood floors often suffer damage, this may include scratches on the finish coating or a broken floorboard. Finding a solution to the problem can be as simple as applying a new coat or replacing the damaged board and resurfacing.  Whatever the problem, the first step is to establish the cause and find a suitable solution. As a Vancouver Island wood floor specialist, we are skilled and experienced to carry out difficult wood floor repairs in Nanaimo and the surrounding mid-island areas. Before you consider replacing your existing solid wood floors or lay a cheap laminate over the top. Talk to us about how we can repair and restore your old wood floor to look new again.


This oak floor in Nanaimo’s old city quarter requires wood floor repairs due to bad animal staining. We can either source new wood and repair the area or stain the floor darker and disguise the stains. Using a combination of floor sanding and polishing machines we chose to prepare the floor for staining.

After the client chose the stain color, we hand apply stain directly to the polished floor. We applied 2 sealer coats of commercial grade water-based floor finish in a satin sheen level.

Choosing to repair and restore your wood floor is a cost-effective alternative to replacing.

Stunning wood floors are often hidden under carpet and vinyl in homes in Nanaimo and around Vancouver Island.  If so, Restoring an old fir or oak floor is the easiest and most affordable way to feature natural wood floors in your home.  Clients are often surprised how effective floor repairs and resurfacing is at removing old floor finishes, paint, and adhesives.  Island Floor Finishing uses a variety of sanding machines, polishers, stains, and floor finishes to repair and restore an old wood floor into a stunning feature of your home.  Even damaged or broken floorboards can be removed and repaired prior to wood floor resurfacing and refinishing. The best way to investigate whether wood flooring under carpet or vinyl is to lift small areas in corners, cupboards or under transition strips. Island Floor Finishing provides a carpet, vinyl, and tile removal service as part of our wood floor repair service in Nanaimo.


While staining can enhance or modify original floorboards, it is also a cost-effective way to disguise and camouflage bad stains.  Floor sanding and polishing is the basis for all wood floor resurfacing and repairs. Rather than tear out or lay new flooring over the top of a damaged floor, talk to us about wood floor repairs. In many cases, a floor in poor condition ends up being the focal point of the home after sanding,staining and resurfacing. For a fraction of the cost associated with purchasing and installing a new wood floor.

Knowledge, skills and technology

Many different skills and equipment are required to successfully repair and restore a wood floor. Island Floor finishing have been repairing and restoring solid hardwood, engineered and floating floors for almost 20 years. We have the latest tools and skills required to tackle a variety of wood flooring problems.

Floor sanding

The key to any successful floor repair begins with floor sanding. Floor sanding can make old wood floors look new again. The machines and expertise required to remove old finishes, dents, and scratches take years to master. Attempting to sand a wood floor without experience will surely lead to irreversible damage.

Owner Matt has almost 20 years experience refinishing, repairing and restoring wood flooring.  This experience in floor restoration is the backbone of the business and makes Island Floor Finishing the go-to local floor refinishing contractor in Nanaimo and the surrounding Mid-island areas.

Floor coating


Delamination is common in our industry. When floor coatings have not been applied correctly a floor coating system will delaminate. The combination of poor preparation and incompatible finishes leads to floor finish delamination.

Owner Matt is a professional wood floor contractor and uses powerful machinery in combination with vacuums to remove old finishes before applying a new coating system. Removing old coatings from wood floors is difficult and may seem almost impossible to the novice. However, Island Floor Finishing utilizes modern methods, techniques, and finishes to restore wood floors back to their original condition.

Custom Staining

Staining is a great way to change the appearance of a hardwood floor – usually on paler woods such as red oak, white oak, and fir. It is also a great way to disguise and camouflage permanent staining as a result of age or accidental damage.

We can transform these light colored wood floors into a contemporary looking chocolate or charcoal color. We have years of experience applying a variety of custom stains and finishes to achieve multiple looks and effects.

Hand-applied custom stains can also hide stains  &  blemishes, picture framing, and patches that are often found on old wood floors in Nanaimo and other areas of Vancouver Island.

Further Information on floor repairs:

Floor resurfacing

Floor sanding and polishing wood floors.

Floor refinishing

Hardwood floor polishing and re-coating.

Products and finishes

Commercial grade water-based floor finishes.

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