When choosing environmentally friendly floor finishes, locate your local Nanaimo wood floor refinisher.

There are currently many different water-based floor finishes available on the market.  Talking to the owner at Island floor finishing can be helpful as he has been applying wood floor finishes for 2 decades now.  Matt will guide you on the best sealer system for your wood floors.

Commercial grade, two-part, water-based floor finishes are available for both residential and commercial resurfacing projects.  Applied by hand, these finishes protect the wood floor after floor sanding and polishing. Vacuuming all rooms and the surrounding areas, including, baseboards, windows, and staircases, prepares the area to be coated. The temperature of the home and relative humidity must be checked and stabilized. Once the first coat has dried the floor can be cut back with a fine grit paper. At least 2 coats should be applied and more coats for higher traffic areas.  Light foot traffic is ok after 24hours and a further 30-60days until the finish fully cures.

The finished floor will have a smooth and even satin, gloss or semi-gloss sheen. You should notice a lack of fumes, unlike traditional oil-based finishes that can off-gas for several days. We suggest opening windows and doors as soon as you arrive back home which helps speed up the curing process and allows fresh area back into your home.

It’s possible to refinish your floors while you stay in the home as a professional floor contractor should finish coating in just a few hours. After the floor has dried the chemical off-gassing has completed and it is safe to be in the home. In some cases, this can be only a few hours out of the home! Contact us for more information on how our method causes little interruption to your daily routine.

On completion, we provide clients with a detailed care and maintenance guide. This guide details how to maintain and protect the finish and prolong the life of your floors. As a general rule, sweeping is often all that’s needed to look after your newly refinished wood flooring on Vancouver Island!