The dust-free wood floor resurfacing process varies on the equipment and machinery used.  The standard industry dust free machinery are fitted with internal fans and dust bags.  Smaller handheld polishers and sanders are not as effective at controlling the airborne dust created when sanding wood floors.  For this reason, we use commercial vacuums to control dust while using polishers and sanders.  These vacuums are connected to smaller random orbitals and rotary polishers that suck the dust into filter bags.  There is generally no need to cover the whole house and furnishings before floor resurfacing.  A very small amount of dust may remain in the home but dramatically less than traditional dust-free wood floor resurfacing techniques.  If using this system it is not necessary to paint or clean walls after our hardwood floor sanding and polishing procedure.  In the case of system failure, the contractor will clean and vacuum your walls and window frames of dust that has escaped from our vacuums.

The main cause of dust around the home after wood floor refinishing is from dust that has been left in the duct system. This is an aspect of the process that is often overlooked by the homeowner and contractor. Once the dust has entered the system it will be blown around your home, sucked back into the system and blown around again. We have solved this problem by stopping the HVAC system during the sanding process. Before we begin the coating process we vacuum the vents and restart the HVAC if needed.

Another cause of dust in the home is from emptying dust bags and vacuums in the home. It may seem like common sense to some but in our industry, this is a common occurrence. When refinishing wood floors in Nanaimo, it is common for contractors to empty bags and vacuums inside to avoid the weather outside.

In conclusion, by addressing the problems that cause the majority of dust at the beginning of the job, we avoid the mess at the end. As professional wood floor contractors on Vancouver Island, we aim to leave your home as clean as when we arrived.