Choosing the right wood floor contractor

There are significant problems associated with choosing an inexperienced floor contractor to install or refinish your wood flooring. If you wish to avoid these problems, start with engaging a skilled wood floor contractor. If your floor requires resurfacing, ask potential floor contractors which type of floor sanders they will use? If the answer is rental sanders and polishers, I suggest you politely move on to a professional floor refinishing contractor that has their own commercial dustless sanders and polishers. Any contractor that needs to rent machines to complete a refinishing or resurfacing project is a part-timer at best. Many irreversible issues can occur when using high powered floor sanding machinery without the necessary experience. It takes many years to skillfully sand and polish an old or new wood floor to achieve a quality lasting finish. A good way to tell if your contractor is using modern professional machinery is the need for the primary belt sanding machine to be plugged directly into a 220v circuit such as your range, dryer outlet or directly into your fuse box(domestic rental machines run on standard 110v wall outlets).

When owner Matt visits your home to discuss wood floor repairs, refinishing or resurfacing, he will communicate with you the steps and processes needed to complete the work as cleanly and efficiently. 
































































If your potential hardwood floor refinisher cannot answer these questions quickly and precisely it is time to move on:
































































Is project preparation included and what’s included in it?
































































What steps are you going to take, to protect my home?
































































What are the steps included in the floor sanding process?
































































How many paper grits are going to be used for sanding my floor?
































































How many coats of finish are you going to apply and what type?
































































Is the finish going to be free of VOC’s?
































































How long between coats?
































































The most important factor to consider when inviting a flooring company into your home is what they are in business to sell? For example, if you invite a company that is interested in selling you a new floor, the information you receive will be geared in that direction. I have come across many situations where homeowners have been advised to purchase a new laminate flooring when beautiful existing oak floors are present in the house already! Yes, they may be under carpet or even several layers of old flooring such as vinyl or cork tiles, but It is always the cheapest option to refinish or restore the existing wood. A newly refinished old hardwood floor is a thing of beauty once completed properly, why install a cheap laminate floor over the top? Laminate floors are designed as a wood floor solution for apartment complexes, retail stores, and businesses on a budget. As these floors are only suitable for level surfaces, installing laminate floors in your existing home that have uneven subfloors is not recommended.
































































In this industry, the most money to be made is supplying and installing new, solid, engineered or floating laminate floors. While we also supply and install new floors in Nanaimo, we are skilled in the repair and restoration of old floors in the mid-island area. When you call Island Floor Finishing for advice, we take into consideration many factors when discussing clients dream wood floors. Please be patient as we ask a variety of questions to establish the best solution for your wood flooring needs. We like to do the job right, once.