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Selecting wood flooring in Nanaimo, BC

Where to start and what to choose?

There are many wood flooring manufacturers, in all parts of the world, which produce quality wood flooring products. In order to simplify the selection process, it is best to select what type of wood flooring you would like before deciding on which company to purchase your new wood floors from? This means, deciding on what color or species of wood you would like and the style of floor ie solid, engineered or laminate? The most popular species of solid wood floors available on Vancouver Island island are oak, maple, and Brazilian cherry. Popular exotic choices are Australian cypress, Brazilian cherry, and bamboo.

It’s always a great idea to select a color or species of wood that will complement the interior of your home. Grain definition, depth of color and durability will all vary from one wood floor to the next.

The amount of grain, its direction, the existence of knots and their size are all factors to consider when selecting your wood flooring. Understand the difference between an engineered floor, solid wood floor and laminate flooring. All styles of wood flooring have been produced to accommodate a variety of installation requirements. Talk to owner Matt about your wood flooring needs.

Which company or contractor to use?

Once you have decided on solid or engineered flooring, we can begin the process of finding the best and most affordable wood flooring solution for your needs. If you have chosen a laminate or prefinished wood floor from a local department store they may offer to install your floors for a small fee? In this case be sure to have a full in-home measure and quote. The sticker price is often misleading once transition strips, nosing, and trims are included. Like any tradesman, I compare my work with other floors I see in homes around town. One problem I see repeated over and over is the lack of detail under and around baseboards and doorways. It seems the easiest way for some installers to get the job done is to cut around these areas? I understand this is the quickest and easiest way, however, for a professional result, we undercut and/or remove baseboards and doorways for all our installed wood flooring in Nanaimo.

Is your floor level?

One of the most important and often overlooked factors when choosing a wood floor is if the existing subfloor is level? A sub-floor is the original floor that was laid in construction. This can be either concrete, plywood or even floorboards? Discovered existing oak or fir floorboards under a carpet or vinyl tiles is a home renovators delight. Existing solid wood floors are secured to joists and bearers in your home and often hidden under carpet, vinyl or old laminate flooring. If choosing to install a new wood floor over the top of these original floors it is critical to establish how level the floor is? If the floor is uneven a professional contractor must correct this before laying. Manufacturers of laminate and floating floors will not warranty their flooring laid over an unlevel surface. In the instance of a concrete or plywood subfloor the same rule applies, the subfloor must be leveled prior to installation. For more information on whether your floor is level enough to lay a laminate or floating floor over, a site inspection must be carried out. Contact us for a no-obligation free inspection.

Failing to undercut doorways is a common mistake.

Leveling a concrete floor is a simple process often overlooked.

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