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Hardwood floor installation in Nanaimo, BC. All styles of wood floors installed including solid, engineered and laminate flooring.

Solid Wood Floors

Prefinished or raw solid wood floors supplied and installed.

Engineered flooring

Factory engineered wood floors are supplied and expertly installed in your home or business.

Laminate floors

A durable and easy to maintain alternative to real wood floors supplied and installed.

The best hardwood installations in Nanaimo, BC

Professional installations of hardwood including engineered and solid wood flooring. We can provide detailed installations of tongue and groove solid wood floors as well as floating and laminate flooring in Nanaimo and the mid-island areas of Vancouver Island, BC. All installations are carried out to industry guidelines utilizing a variety of the latest tools and techniques. All wood floor installations are guaranteed to perform as they should within your home or business. We can supply your chosen wood floor or provide a competitive estimate for installation of hardwood floors.

Installing a Wood Floor

The best way to install a wood floor in your home or business is to engage an experienced expert. There is a misconception, among general contractors and home handy persons, that wood floor installations don’t require a dedicated wood floor contractor. As a professional wood flooring expert in Nanaimo and internationally, I have seen hundreds of failed floor installations. There are many factors that must be considered before purchasing a new wood floor and installing it in your home or business.

  • What is the subfloor?
  • What is the moisture content?
  • Fixed, floating or glue down?
  • How long will a product last?

How To Install a New wood floor?

When installed correctly solid wood floors become a permanent fixture in your home or business. These natural wood products are milled from a variety of species into different widths, lengths, and profiles. For this reason, it is possible to completely customize your home flooring.

Solid hardwood floors are permanently fixed to a subfloor by a skilled wood floor contractor. Our methods include a combination of staples, cleats, braid nails, or adhesives. Once installed our wooden floors are able to expand and contract during seasonal variations around Vancouver Island.

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All Wood Floors Installed

Floor Leveling

The importance of leveling a subfloor is often overlooked during the installation process. Warranties of all wood floors including laminate are void in the event the subfloor has not been leveled prior to installation. We provide solutions to unlevel floors prior to the wood floor installation.

Solid Hardwood

Solid hardwood is 100% real wood which is installed using a combination of staples, nails, and adhesives. This type of wood floor becomes a permanent fixture in your home when professionally installed by Island Floor Finishing.

What not to do!

While many choose to install laminate floors themselves others prefer to hire a contractor. When installing a laminate floor it is important to undercut or remove baseboards. It is equally important to undercut door jams and entrance ways!


What is the best hardwood to install in my home? While this is a frequently asked question, it is not an easy one to answer! Many factors must be considered during a detailed inspection and discussion with the owner Matt. “Where the floor is to be installed?” and “what the level of traffic will be?” are among the important questions that must be asked prior to choosing your new hardwood floor.

Can I install a floor myself?
While it is possible to install a new wood floor yourself, many tools, techniques, and skills must be gathered to ensure the floor is installed to manufacturer guidelines. Installing a hardwood floor without these will void all wood supplier warranties.
Can I install wood floors in any part of my home?
There is a large range of wood flooring available on Vancouver Island. The reason there are so many different styles and products is to cover different installation requirements. For example, it is generally not recommended to install a solid hardwood floor such as raw oak in your basement due to potential high humidity levels. However, it is possible to install a new engineered floor or laminate floor in these areas. Condos and apartment buildings may allow wood floors but these are generally of the floating style with soundproofing.
Can my new wood floors be refinished in the future?

Sanding and refinishing or resurfacing your new wood floors in the future depends on the product itself. In the case of solid wood floors, it is possible to re-sand and coat the floor multiple times in the future. When installed correctly, solid wood floors will last a lifetime due to the possibility of resurfacing. With engineered and floating wood floors that have a thin veneer of real wood on the surface, it is possible to sand and resurface the floor 2-3 times only. Laminate floors are not real wood and therefore cannot be sanded or refinished.

Will my new floors scratch?
All wood floors will scratch! We recommend a variety of techniques to minimize the possibility of your new wood becoming scratched over time. These include placing area rugs at entrance ways and high traffic areas. We also recommend commercial grade floor finishes to ensure maximum durability for all our solid wood floors.
Do wood floors fade and change color?
Wood and wood floor finishes are photosensitive and will naturally react to UV light. While this often goes unnoticed, when using area rugs and mats this can cause a picture frame effect over time. We recommend moving these rugs from time to time to reduce the noticeable effects of sunlight on your floors.

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