Floor Stripping and Waxing

Vinyl floor stripping and waxing around Nanaimo and the mid Island areas of BC. Commercial Vinyl Composite Tile(VCT) requires regular maintenance by an experienced floor proffesional.

Floor Cleaning and Maintenance

Floor stripping, scrubbing and waxing comercial floors including;



Sports courts

Shopping centres

All Commercial and dometic floors stripped and waxed!

What is Vinyl composite tile?

Vinyl composite tile (VCT) is a finished flooring product that is commonly used in commercial or institutional properties.  Many commercial institutions such as universities and hospitals around Vancouver Island have VCT floors installed for high traffic areas.  These durable floors are also commonly used in Gymnasiums and sports courts and require regular stripping, buffing and waxing. Resilient vinyl tile is designed for high traffic so regular maintenance is required to remove built up dirt and grime on the protective wax coating.

Why It is important to engage a professional to strip and wax floors?

Stripping multiple layers of old wax coatings is a time-consuming and messy job.  Without the proper machinery and experience the process can become a disaster. When there is an excessive amount of wax build up, we may need to strip the floor a few times? If there are stains or deep cuts, scratches or gum, additional detailed cleaning is required. Working around fixtures i.e, (refrigerators, furniture, etc) will involve preparation such as masking and taping. Electrical outlets will need to be taped and sealed to prevent water penetrating these areas.

The quality of work depends on the condition of the floor and the skills of the contractor.

What’s the difference between stripping and buffing?

Stripping and Waxing:

Stripping VCT tile requires a contractor to use a corrosive chemical that breaks down the wax coating. Floor polishers are used to srcrub and loosen the wax from the vinyl tiles while wet vacuums are then used to collect and remove the liquified wax residues.  3-5 coats of protective wax are then applied to the prepared VCT flooring.

Dry scrubbing and buffing:

When using polishers with only a dry scrubbing attachment fitted, only the top 1-2 coats of floor wax are removed.  For this reason, the results will be inferior to full stripping of the floor wax coatings. Buffing and burnishing is generally carried out as a ongoing maintenance process in between full stripping and waxing.

How Often should floors be stripped, waxed or polished?

The amount and type of traffic the floor receives, combined with the quality of floor coatings, directly impacts the regularity of maintenance procedures. For high traffic areas found in hospitals, it is common to regularly clean and buff the floor as part of general janitorial cleaning. In general, floors should be stripped and waxed once or twice a year and maintained inbetween with regular cleaning and mopping.

How we strip and restore Vinyl floors 

When refinishing VCT (vinyl composite tile) floors we combine heavy duty commercial machinery with environmentally friendly floor strippers to remove layers of old floor waxes. Once we have prepared the floor, multiple layers of durable wax floor finishes are applied that dry hard. It is these high quality finishes that provide a long-lasting protective coating for vinyl floors.

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Commercial floor cleaning and maintenance


We suggest our floor stripping service on Vancouver Island when floors have suffered prolonged wear or damage.


For a site inspection in Nanaimo and a solution to removing old wax finishes in commercial or residential properties, please contact us


We offer a variety of solutions for all types of floors including Vinyl tile. Maintenance packages for commercial clients

We Come to You!

Island Floor Finishing comes to you with all the necessary floor machines, finishes and coatings to completely transform your home or commercial business. We can guide you on the best solution for your floors. Our mobile refinishing service in Nanaimo includes all products and materials needed to successfully carry out commercial floor cleaning, stripping and waxing. We ensure your commercial flooring on Vancouver Island is looked after with our professional floor cleaning services.

Which Floor Finish Should I Use?

If your floors have been previously coated with a wax finish we use a 3-step process to remove the existing wax coatings. Once the VCT flooring has been correctly prepared, when then apply multiple coats of acrylic wax coatings. These finishes are fast drying, low VOC (volatile organic compound) and provide a durable gloss coating for maximum protection.

What areas on Vancouver Island do you service?

All aspects of commercial floor cleaning and maintenance including stripping and waxing. Free inspections and written quotes in Nanaimo, Lantzville, Parksville, Nanoose, Ladysmith, and Chemainus. For flooring inquiries in other areas of Vancouver Island and mainland  Vancouver, BC, please call to discuss your project.

How Do We Maintain Our Finished Floors?

The best way to maintain your freshly refinished vinyl tile floors is to follow the maintenance guide we leave you on completion. In general, keeping floors clean and free of dirt and grit is the best way to protect the finish. This can be done with a quick sweep using a soft bristle broom or static mop. Placing mats at the entrance ways to your home or office is a great way to stop the grit that causes scratches and premature wear.  We can offer regular buffing, polishing and cleaning as part of ongoing commercial floor maintenance.

Do You Offer A Guarantee?

All of Island Floor Finishing installations, repairs and restorations are guaranteed to perform as intended. The products we use when restoring and refinishing floors are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.   Please contact the owner Matt to discuss all commercial floor contractor services.

Can You Polish Wood Floors?

Polishing involves using a 16inch (40.64 cm) rotary sander/polisher with soft pads. This process will burnish the existing wax finish and remove surface scratches and restore the shine. Regular polishing can prolong the wax finish and limit the need to strip and re-wax the floor.

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