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Hardwood floor sanding and resurfacing

Wood floor resurfacing is the cornerstone of any skilled wood floor repairs company. Without the right skills, experience, and equipment, a simple board repair can result in irreversible damage to your floors. Many steps that require skills and experience to complete are involved in the resurfacing process. Renting floor sanding equipment and beginning a DIY resurfacing or refinishing project often leads to problems along the way. Before engaging someone who will be using domestic rental machines or renting them yourself, read our DIY tips. We use the latest dust free floor sanding machinery and offer professional advice to homeowners interested in restoring their hardwood floors.

Vancouver Island Wood Floor Specialist!

All aspects of wood flooring including repairs, restoration, floor sanding and polishing, installation and maintenance. Free inspections and solutions to all wood flooring including solid wood floors and engineered hardwood floors. Free inspections and written quotes for wood floors in Nanaimo, Lantzville, Parksville, Nanoose, Ladysmith, and Chemainus. For wood flooring inquiries in other areas of Vancouver Island and mainland  Vancouver, BC, please call to discuss your project.

Floor Sanding

Wood floor resurfacing is the process of restoring an existing dull or worn finish on a hardwood floor. This process sands off the old coatings and exposes the wood underneath, often dents, gouges, and stains are also removed. Once the floor has been sanded and stripped, a floor sander will control polishers, buffers, and hand sanders to detail the wood beforehand staining and coating.

After final detailing, the floor finish products are mixed and hand applied by roller or applicator tool. Contractors will prepare their coating equipment and your home to ensure the best possible finish. Strict environmental conditions must be observed to allow wood floor finishes and stains to dry effectively.

After resurfacing is complete, the home is vacated and secured allowing the products to dry undisturbed.

Floor Coating

If you are looking to improve and add value to your home, wood floor resurfacing is a vital part of any home remodel or renovation. Removing and replacing an old wood floor with a new hardwood floor is a time consuming and costly process. Floor resurfacing is a cost-effective way to repair and restore an existing floor.

Many different products are available to wood floor contractors, using these stains and finishes takes knowledge to achieve the desired effects on your floor. Asking an experienced wood floor contractor on Vancouver Island to assist in decision-making can help the home restoration process. We are knowledgeable in all areas of wood floors and can help clients decide what suits their needs. Owner Matt has years of experience applying a vast variety of floor stains and coating systems.

Custom Design Projects

Island Floor Finishing is owned and operated by a skilled wood floor contractor. With experience spanning 2 decades, clients can be confident we will apply the best finish to their floors.

If you wish, owner and experience wood floor contractor Matt can visit your home and discuss resurfacing your wood floors with a number of custom stain colors and effects. We aim to utilize our skills and experience to restore your hardwood floors and add value to your home.

Why do we choose to use water-based finishes?

Island Floor Finishing recommends and uses water-based based polyurethane for our wood floor resurfacing projects. Water-based coatings contain water instead of solvents, modern water-based finishes are 100% polyurethane and provide wear resistance that is better or as good as solvent based products – without the fumes. For instance, floors in commercial premises are routinely coated with water-based finishes as there is minimal disturbance to the commercial operation.  In these situations having good wear resistance is as necessary as a low odor finish. This is why we recommend commercial grade water-based floor finishes.

When is it safe to return home?

If you have your wood floors resurfaced with Island Floor Finishing, there is no need to move out during the resurfacing of your floor.  Resurfacing can be carried out in areas of your home while you remain in surrounding rooms of the house. When resurfacing the entire living areas of your home we suggest vacating for the duration of the floor sanding and coating process. After applying the final coat, homeowners can return the following day with full curing after 30-60 days. When using water-based floor finishes there is no harmful off-gassing common with oil and solvent based finishes. We strive to ensure a stress-free floor sanding and polishing service in Nanaimo and surrounding areas of Vancouver Island.

Measure and Quote?

We come to you to measure and issue quotes in Nanaimo and surrounding areas. An inspection of your floors can assist us in providing an accurate cost for restoration. If your floors are badly stained or scratched we can provide solutions to restore the surface of your floors. Owner Matt is an expert wood floor contractor in Nanaimo, BC and has been a member of many associations in North America and Australia. Inspections can be arranged to establish causes and solutions for a variety of common wood floor finishing problems such as dull and scatched surfaces.

How we do it!

Many skills, equipment, and products are required to successfully resurface and refinish your wood floors.

Your Families health!

Environmentally friendly water-based wood floor finishes are recommended for all our commercial and residential wood floor finishing.

Our Guarantee

Island Floor Finishing installations, repairs, and restorations are guaranteed to perform as intended. We use quality products when resurfacing and refinishing wood floors on Vancouver Island, BC. Please contact the owner Matt to discuss all wood floors and finishes.

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