Floor Refinishing

Wood floor refinishing in Nanaimo, BC.  Floor sanding, floor polishing, and coating wood floors in the mid-island areas of Vancouver Island.

Floor sanding and Polishing

Latest dust free machinery and eco-friendly water based floor finishes.

Wood floor refinishing and recoating:

Island Floor Finishing has the knowledge, skills, equipment, and machinery to provide a premium, cost-effective hardwood floor refinishing and coating service on Vancouver Island. We use a combination of dustless vacuum extraction and water-based floor sealers to refinish solid and engineered wood floors in Nanaimo and the surrounding mid-island areas of Vancouver Island, BC. Refinishing restores and rejuvenates existing wood floors that are scratched or dull.

If you are thinking of tackling the refinishing process yourself, as a DIY project, take the time to consider the cost and skills involved.

Applying floor finishes and coatings requires a skilled and trained professional. Floor finishes should only be applied after establishing which finish is currently on the wood flooring. Only an experienced wood floor refinishing contractor can confidently confirm what floor finishes have been previously applied to your hardwood floors. Delamination, separation, and rejection is a common problem that can be avoided by contacting Island Floor Finishing for all wood floor refinishing on Vancouver Island.

What’s the difference between wood floor finishing and resurfacing?

The terminology used to describe wood floor restoration can be confusing. While it is common in the wood floor industry to assume that floor sanding, refinishing and resurfacing are all part of the same process, this is misleading.

Wood floor refinishing:

This process involves floor sanding and polishing the top layer only and applying a fresh new top coat over the existing coating system.  Refinishing wood floors is possible if the existing coating system is in reasonably good condition. This means that refinishing hardwood floors with light scuff and scratch marks can restore your wood floors without the need to resurface. Hardwood refinishing is also referred to within the industry as re-coating or sandless refinishing.  If coatings are peeling or delaminating in any way, the floor will need to be resurfaced. Similarly, if the floor has dents, cuts, and gouges, the floor will need professional floor resurfacing.

Wood floor resurfacing:

Resurfacing involves floor sanding and polishing to remove old floor finishes, paints or adhesives. This process requires a number of professional floor sanders including, belt sanders, polishers, and dust-free vacuum extractors. Wood floor resurfacing is more involved and costly than hardwood refinishing which requires an experienced wood floor contractor to efficiently and expertly resurface wood flooring. It is never recommended to refinish or resurface would floors on your own for safety and quality reasons. Contact Matt and Island Floor Finishing to discuss wood floor contractor services in Nanaimo and surrounding cities of Vancouver Island.

How We Refinish Wood Floors

When refinishing floors we apply high-quality floor finishes and wood stain products from a variety local Vancouver Island distributors. If your floors have previously been refinished with a water-based sealer then compatible finishes are applied to repair and restore the look of hardwood floors. Commercial 2 part water-based floor finishes are our chosen coating system for all domestic and commercial applications.

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The Art of Wood Floor Refinishing


We suggest our dust free wood floor resurfacing service on Vancouver Island when your floor has suffered too much wear or damage.

Repairs and Restoration

Broken boards, exposed nails, and squeaks must be repaired prior to refinishing. We have solutions to all common wood floor repairs in Nanaimo.

Floor Finishes

We offer a variety of floor finishes and stains for wood floors. We recommend water-based floor finishes for all domestic wood floors.

We Come to You!

Island Floor Finishing comes to you with all the necessary floor machinery, finishes and stains to completely transform your home. We can guide you while choosing stain colors and gloss levels to customize your home or business. Our mobile refinishing service in Nanaimo includes products and materials needed to successfully carry out the refinishing process. We ensure your home is clean and dust-free after completing wood floor refinishing on vancouver Island.
Which Floor Finish Should I Use?

If your floors have been previously coated with an oil-based finish and have no worn spots, it may be suitable for refinishing. Oil based finishes were commonly used by professionals, general contractors, and DIY on Vancouver Island for many years. If your floors are more than 10 years old it’s most likely finished with an oil based urethane. The key to ensuring that a new top coat of finish will not delaminate, separate or reject is preparation. Only an expert can correctly determine whether a product is compatible with existing finishes. We generally recommend clear finishes for refinishing. Gloss, satin and semi-gloss levels are available.

Do You repair wood floors?
Island Floor Finishing carries out all wood floor repairs including floor board repairs and replacement.

All oil-based floor finishes will turn an orange color over time, refinishing will not change the color of the floor. Any attempt to stain repaired areas to match an existing floor will generally result in a patchwork effect. It is best to resurface all areas of the floor after repairs. Contacting an expert wood floor contractor for advice will result in a professionally repaired hardwood floor. After the floor has been inspected and any repairs resolved, Island Floor Finishing will refinish or resurface the floor to look new again.

What areas on Vancouver Island do you service?
All aspects of wood flooring including repairs, restoration, floor sanding, polishing, installation, and maintenance. Free inspections and solutions to all wood flooring applications such as solid wood floors and floating floors. Free inspections and written quotes in Nanaimo, Lantzville, Parksville, Nanoose, Ladysmith, and Chemainus. For wood flooring inquiries in other areas of Vancouver Island and mainland  Vancouver, BC, please call to discuss your project.
How Do We Maintain Our Finished Floors?
The best way to maintain your freshly refinished wood floors is to follow the maintenance guide we leave you on completion. In general, keeping floors clean and free of dirt and grit is the best way to protect the finish. This can be done with a quick sweep using a soft bristle broom or static mop. Placing mats at the entrance ways to your home is a great way to stop the grit that causes scratches entering the home. Removing shoes and keeping animal claws trim is another useful tactic to help maintain the appearance of your floors. The most important thing is to enjoy your new floors, and after years of enjoyment, we can return to apply a new maintenance coat.
Do You Offer A Guarantee?
All of Island Floor Finishing installations, repairs and restorations are guaranteed to perform as intended. The products we use when restoring and refinishing wood floors are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.  New wood floors are guaranteed up to a lifetime when installed by our skilled and accredited installer. Please contact the owner Matt to discuss all wood floor contractor services.
Can You Polish Wood Floors?
Polishing involves using a 16inch rotary sander/polishers with a dustless vacuum attachment. Soft pads and fine mesh sand screen paper are attached to the base of the polisher. The grit can vary from 100, 120, 150, 180 and 220grit depending on the existing finish. The idea is to lightly sand the surface without being too aggressive. Establishing the correct combination of sandpaper with the weight and speed of the polisher is critical to ensuring a smooth finish. A common industry term for this process is known as a “cut back”. Hire machines available in home improvement stores are not used by professionals as they are ineffective at polishing a wood floor and give inferior results. Rotary polishers can be difficult to operate as the spinning motion generally throws the user around the room. For this reason, only professional wood floor refinishers should attempt polishing. It should be mentioned that the cutback and polishing process may not remove deeper gauges and dents from the floor. Any attempt to spot remove these areas will result in exposing the wood underneath and create a dry spot on your floor. It is expected that even the best wood floor refinisher will not remove deep scratches from your floors. If clients are looking for a completely flawless finish, resurfacing is the only way to remove deep scratches.

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