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Let us introduce our range of products and explain the difference between water and solvent based finishes.



The most common wood floor coating finishes produce a film called polyurethane. These hard wearing urethanes can be broken down into 3 main categories; Waterbased,  solvent based and oil modified. It is important to know which product is being used in your home, business or community center. Selecting and applying the incorrect finish can cause serious health issues to those who may be sensitive to harmful vapors. While BC and Canada have strict environmental guidelines when manufacturing floor finishes and stains some of these products still contain high levels of VOC’s.


Water-based finishes

Classified as non-toxic, with a solvent content of less than 10%. Water-based finishes provide a durable coating without the toxic fumes. Water-based finishes are also fast drying and non-yellowing, so we feel there is no reason to use traditional oil-based or solvent based floor finishes.

Oil-based finishes

Traditional oil based floor finishes are still available in limited quantities in Canada and the US and only recommended for refinishing previously oiled floors.

Oil-modified urethanes are available in all gloss levels and require longer drying and curing times in comparison to water based floor finishes.  We prefer to use water-based floor finishes on Vancouver Island.

Solvent based

For our hand applied penetrating stain applications, we use Dura-seal stains. When used on bare wood this rich blend of oil and resin gives hardwood floors a soft, satiny sheen. It can be top-coated in a few hours and available in a variety of natural colors. Although these stains are solvent based, they are low in VOCs and dry within 2 hours. When sealed with water-based finishes this is an environmentally friendly way to achieve a custom stained floor.

Why do we recommend water-based finishes?

Waterborne 2 component floor finish designed for use in areas subject to very high levels of traffic.  These finishes offer fantastic scratch, scuff and chemical resistance combined with a significantly higher wearability. These products are also very fast drying and have a very faint smell in comparison to traditional solvent-based finishes.

Water-based floor finishes are also non-toxic, very low VOC and Isocyanate free. As a result, we are confident you will love the look and feel your floors.

Eco-friendly products

Why we recommend water-based products…

Latest non-toxic finishes

Water-Based and traditional Swedish finishes

Custom staining and effects

Hand-applied stains and wood effects

Repairs and restoration

Board repairs and replacement


Installation of solid wood flooring

Floor coating and polishing

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