Deck repairs and refinishing 

Repairs and refinishing of exterior decking in Nanaimo and the mid Island areas of Vancouver Island, BC.

What We Do

Board replacement

Broken, damaged and rotten decking removed and replaced.

Sanding and polishing

Sanding and stripping old deck sealers and coatings. Reapplying modern deck stains and finishes. 


Moss and mildew removal.  Periodical re-coating and staining.

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Wood deck repairs and refinishing

All aspects of wood deck repairs in Nanaimo and the surrounding cities of Vancouver Island, BC. We repair broken and rotten decking before coating with deck sealers and paints. Free inspections and solutions to all wood decking problems and issues such as moulding and pealing deck sealers and paints.

Stain or Painting Decks

There are many options when choosing a coating for your exterior decking. Many homes in Nanaimo and the surrounding areas of Vancouver Island have wood decks, porches, patios, and walkways that must be maintained to protect from a variety of weather conditions. Extreme snow, rain and sun damages unprotected wood so it is important to ensure wood decking is properly protected from the elements. 

Without protection, wooden decking will deteriorate and require premature repairs and replacement. Maintenance may mean a simple clean and coat of finish or fully sanding and removing existing deck coatings and applying a new sealer system.

Applying a new look or finish for your deck is easy with our wood deck refinishing system which several steps including cleaning, preparation and coating.

All wooden decks, stairs, patios and walkways can be repaired and refinished using our proven methods and deck finishes.

Finishing options for decks

There are many options for the protection of wooden decks. These include oil based paints and stains, acrylic and wax finishes. Island Floor Finishing owner and operator Matt has years of experience applying a variety of deck coatings to achieve different looks on a number of wood species. Many companies from around the world produce products that will effectively protect wood decks on Vancouver Island. These products can achieve a natural wood look or new effect that will complement other areas of your home an exterior spaces around your property. 

Once we have completed the refinishing of your decking Matt will recommend a simple maintenance process that will ensure long term protection from the elements


How to repair a wood deck?

Wood decking often suffers damage due to being exposed to the variety of conditions experienced on Vancouver Island, BC. Finding a solution to the problem can be as simple as applying a new coat of deck finish, replacing damaged boards or sanding off deteriorated coatings and refinishing with a new deck coating system.  Whatever the problem, the first step is to establish the cause and find a suitable solution. As a Vancouver Island wood floor specialist, we are skilled and experienced to carry out difficult wood deck repairs in Nanaimo and the surrounding mid-island areas. Before you consider replacing your existing wood deck, talk to us about how we can repair and restore your old wood deck with a new coating system.

When should a wood deck be sanded?

There is a great deal of debate regarding when a wood deck should be sanded? The answer depends on several factors such as; Is the decking new or existing? Has the deck been oiled, painted or coated with acrylic stains? Has the existing coating deteriorated or is in good condition? 

Only after an experienced wood deck repair specialist has examined the decking, will a suitable solution be recommended. This may involve sanding off the old coatings or simply cleaning and re-applying a new coat.

Deck sanding

To sand or not to sand?

That is the question!  And the answer is determined by the condition of the deck and the desired final result. If the deck has been recently installed, and therefore uncoated, harsh belt sanding is not required. We recommend lite sanding with fine grit screen mesh paper to remove splinters often found after installation around nails, screws and butt joints. We then rinse with oxalic acid prior to coating with a deck stain or paint. With seasonal cleaning and re-coating, this process will protect wood decking around Nanaimo and the Island for many years.


Removing old coatings

Stripping old coatings.

If a deck, and the finishes or paints used to protect them are pealing or wearing off, it is recommended to sand. The process we recommend in these situations, involves using a commercial belt sander, fitted with coarse grit sanding belts and dust bags, to strip off the old coatings. After coarse sanding and the existing deck finishes have been removed, we use commercial floor polishers and fine sanding paper to polish the raw wood and prepare for new coatings.  New deck finishes including stains, paints and oils are applied using a variety of techniques such as rolling and brushing on deck stains.




For this old tongue and groove wood deck balcony, we sanded off the old mahogany tinted deck stain that was hiding the natural blonde oak wood underneath. We first punched the surface nails down a little to secure the boards and ensure they did not obstruct the sanders. This process removes the old coatings and only a very small amount of wood that ensures the overall life span of the wood decking is maintained. Several options are available to refinish wood decks in Nanaimo. We will discuss the options to best protect the wood while adding a beautiful new look to your outdoor decking on Vancouver Island.

A variety of finishes for all exterior wood :

Oil based deck finish

For a natural look on new or existing wood, we recommend a natural finish based on tree oils.

Painted deck coatings

Choose your own colour for exterior wood decking which compliments your home outdoor areas.

All exterior wood refinished

We refinish all exterior wood including privacy screens, to protect and highlight outdoor living areas.

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